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Regime | Definition of Regime by Merriam-Webster

  • Regime definition is - regimen. How to use regime in a sentence. The new regime is sure to fall. Under the new regime, all workers must file a weekly report. He was put on a strict exercise regime.

Regime - definition of regime by The Free Dictionary

  • re·gime also ré·gime (rā-zhēm′, rĭ-) n. 1. a. A government, especially an oppressive or undemocratic one: a fascist regime. b. A usually heavy-handed administration or group in charge of an organization: Raises were canceled under the new regime. 2. a. A way of organizing or managing something; a system: an admissions regime at a college. b. A ...

Regime | Definition of Regime at

  • Regime definition, a mode or system of rule or government: a dictatorial regime. See more.

On The Regimen - Fitness Stuff Made for Us Normal People

  • How To Get More Protein In Your Diet. Best of Mike Vacanti YouTube. Why Fitness Actually Matters HD (58-97 years old) by Mike Vacanti

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Regime Synonyms, Regime Antonyms |

  • It was a regime which delighted to honour men of Don Carlos's stamp. In the history of India the regime of the Slave Dynasty was not a happy one. Gorham had implied that he was the power behind the whole present regime. For the government of the Island under the Spanish regime, vide Chap. If this present regime assents to that, they can stay in ...

Regimen - definition of regimen by The Free Dictionary

  • regimen [ˈrɛdʒɪmən] n (= regime of diet and exercise) → régime m de vie Whatever regimen has been prescribed should be rigorously followed → Quel que soit le régime de vie prescrit, il devra être suivi rigoureusement. exercise regimen → régime d'exercice

Regimes - definition of Regimes by The Free Dictionary

  • Define Regimes. Regimes synonyms, Regimes pronunciation, Regimes translation, English dictionary definition of Regimes. also ré·gime n. 1. a. A government, especially an oppressive or undemocratic one: a fascist regime. b. A usually heavy-handed administration or group in...

Regime | definition of regime by Medical dictionary

  • regime (rā-zhēm′, rĭ-) n. A regulated system of diet, exercise, or medical treatment; a regimen. Patient discussion about regime Q. I’ve been planning to start a fitness regime center for some time now. What’s the best way to chart it out? I am the breadwinner in my family. I did a business that was earning me substantially well. It was a ...

Regime | political science |

  • Regime: Regime, an institution with clear substantive and geographical limits, bound by explicit rules, and agreed on by governments. The concept of regime is often preceded by a spatial adjective—international, national, or urban, for example—that refers to the area over which it has jurisdiction and can

Regime | Article about regime by The Free Dictionary

  • The regime has responded to the decline of its regular forces by creating a variety of irregular forces (shabbiha militias, Popular Committees, local militias, the Baath Party Militia) and then merging them under the so-called National Defense Forces.

Regimen | Definition of Regimen by Merriam-Webster

  • Regimen definition is - a systematic plan (as of diet, therapy, or medication) especially when designed to improve and maintain the health of a patient. How to use regimen in a sentence. Did You Know?

Regime | Definition of regime in English by Oxford ...

  • ‘The regime ordered the soldiers to shoot at them but they didn't because how can you shoot at two million people?’ ‘In reply, Van Auken explained that the Soviet Stalinist regime had proven a false counterweight to imperialism.’ ‘Their puppet regime was overthrown by Fidel, and they will never forget.’

Regime - Dictionary Definition :

  • Regime takes its militaristic and government feel from the Latin word regimen "to rule." A political regime has a negative association to it that makes you think of totalitarian governments. How did it come to mean "diet" or "program of exercise" as well?

Flawless Regime – #1 Hair Growth

  • The adult scalp contains about 100,000 hair follicles. Everyday the scalp loses...

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twitter:description:regimen; a regular pattern of occurrence or action (as of seasonal rainfall)… See the full definition
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